Little Stars Class (J-1)

Boys and girls of ages 3-6 will be immersed in the world of Dance. The class has a program which was specially developed for these ages. It is focused mostly on basic elements of  Latin movements with learning of balance, foot placement, coordination, hip & leg actions and rhythm. Warming up in the beginning of each lesson, stretching, very basic elements of other dance styles like Ballet, Jazz and Hip-Hop are also included to the program. Of course, our Little Stars learn fun and fancy show dances, which you can enjoy at our Studio Shows, Performances & Parties!

We use our huge experience to keep our lessons fun and interesting and at the same time teach our youngest students to be very focused, disciplined and motivated.

Rising Stars Latin and Ballroom (J-2)

J-2 is the best class for boys and girls of ages 7-12 who wants to learn Latin and Ballroom dancing! Here they will learn dances like the Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive, Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Fox and Quickstep.

Our lessons are filled in full with new interesting knowledge and trainings. Fancy showcases and fun parties keep our kiddos interested and motivated always!

Teens Stars Latin and Ballroom (J-3)

If you want to learn how to dance like on DANCING WITH THE STARS, this is the place for you! We offer all different levels of teen classes from beginners to advanced, and we want YOU to be a part of our teen program! Our teens perform in Showcases, have dance parties, and even participate in Dance Competitions! If you are interested in dancing please call the studio today! Ages 13-17

Teens Silver Stars (J-3 Sport)

This class shows our advanced teens the techniques, styling, and what it takes for them to be the best dancer they can be. Ages 13-17. The class is our most advanced junior class. It is for competitive junior couples only. It teaches them the dynamic movements of the Latin and Standard dances that are needed to win the Gold.

**This class is invitational only, you must have latin and ballroom dance experience**

Hip Hop

Come learn with us some of the coolest Hip Hop  moves.

Break Dance

Come learn with us some of the coolest Break Dance  moves.

Katy Showtime Fuzion Dance Co

It is a group of very talented young dancers. These girls and boys have extraordinary talents and abilities to dance. These company travels the town performing their show-stopping moves while wearing their Glitzy costumes!

**These classes are closed and can only be attended if you audition at the audition times.**

Advanced Latin Technique

This class is designed to give you the EDGE you are looking for on the dance floor. You will learn styling, technique, and musicality from our highly recognized coaches. you will come out of the class with knowledge and ability like never before.

**This class is invitation only, you must have latin and ballroom dance experience**


26 Replies to “Schedule”

      1. Hello Cindy!
        Welcome to DWS Academy!
        Prices are very different, depending on what package you will be purchasing. Please feel free to join u for an introductory lesson any Wednesday at 7pm.
        Call for more info: 281-646-1901

    1. Hello Mary!

      Sure! yes, we are teaching tango during Ballroom and Latin classes for Adults on Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm.
      Would you like to come for a try out session at one of those days? You will pay $25 try out fee, which will be given back to you ones you will sign. This way your first class with us will be free!

      Please let us know if you are having any other questions.

      Best regards.
      DWS Team

  1. My husband and I were interested in taking dance classes, but neither of us have experience. Is the Adult Bronze class a suitable class for beginners, or should we be looking into other options?

    1. Dear Kate!

      Yes, ou totally can join us on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays at 7pm!
      These classes for beginners only.

      Best regards.

    1. Dear Lee!

      Yes, all classes are scheduled for twice per week, and that’s what we recommend. But if for any reason your child can’t make it for one of the days,- we can consider some option for you.

      Best regards.

  2. I am strongly considering it, I am just worried it may be to much for her once school starts to do 2x/wk. Perhaps we can try it over the summer to see if she likes it before committing to the school year. She is 8 years old. Do you have any camps for the end of July or August that may serve as a good trial?

  3. my husband and i are interested in a place to dance in the Katy area… my husband is a ballroom dancer from way back… we are rusty and want to dance again but want to start slow with dance parties… any suggestions?

    1. Dear Belinda!

      Thanks for choosing Dance With Stars Academy!
      Sure! Please stop by,-and we can figure the way to help you guys out:
      829 South Mason Rd, Ste 240, Katy, Texas 77450.
      We are here Monday-Friday 12pm-8pm.

      Best regards.

    1. Dear Valerie!

      Thanks for choosing Dance With Stars Academy!
      Our “Salsa Clun Dance”group class is $25 to try out. And then you can choose any package to go with. Our rates are very flexible so you will be able to find best way for you and your husband.

      Hava a wonderful weekend!

      Best regards.
      DWS Team

  4. hi i am very interested in dancing. i learned clasical when i was young. im 20 now, is it possible to leaarn hip hop? i dont have any previous lessons. can i still join?

    1. Dear Mello!

      Thanks for choosing DWS Academy!
      Yes you can join our studio for hip-hop dancing at any time you want to. Hip-hop classes for your age are on Mondays 7-8pm and Fridays 6-7pm. Please let us know when you are thinking on coming..

      Best regards.
      DWS Team

  5. Hi,

    I am considering the Little Stars class for my girls (3.5 & 4.5). They are currently enrolled in Ballet classes. This is their first year in dance and they seem to enjoy it. I personally would like to introduce them to Latin and Ballroom dancing as that is my passion, but not sure if it is too early for them. Couple of questions for you…

    1. Am i able to come watch one of the little stars classes to see how they are ran? would like to get a sense for the level the other kids are in, whether my kids would fit in or not before i just sign them up for it.

    2. I know you offer “trial class” for other classes but was not certain if that is an option for the Little Stars class. I understand with such a young age one class is probably not enough to determine if this is something they will like.

    3.Do you have a summer camp program for kids ages 3-6?

    4. Are you still offering Mommy and Me classes? i did not see any for January. When will this classes begin again? I have 3 daughters so wondering how i can get some time with all 3. I have never done mommy and me classes of any sort because i am not sure how i would split the time to give them each a chance to have time with mommy. Have you had mom’s bring more than 1 child to the class? is that an option?

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Good afternoon,
      sorry for our late response, we do offer a try out class for little stars, you can call us at 281 646 1901 to schedule a time little stars run Monday and Friday, we do waiting lists for mommy and me classes,
      best regards,
      Sofia Edwards

    1. Dear Marie!

      Thanks for choosing DWS Academy!
      Please come to check our junior classes for 9yo every Tuesday and Thursday 6-7pm.
      Feel free to call us in case you are having any other questions: 281-646-1901

      Best regards
      DWS Team

  6. Interested in adult ballroom and Latin dance.i am a beginner looking for weekly classes and prices for one.also have a teen interested in breakdance

    1. Dear Nidia!

      Thanks for choosing DWS Academy!
      Please feel free to come for a try out session, this way you can see if you would like to stay and sign in.
      Beginner Ballroom and Latin Adults are coming on Mondays and Thursdays: 7.00-7.45pm.
      Break Dance Teens are coming on Mondays: 7.00-8.00pm and Fridays: 6.00-7.00pm.

      Please let us know when are you planning on coming and we will reserve a spot for you and your child.

      Best regards.
      DWS Team

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