Newly Built Facility in Katy, TX

Available for rent!

This venue can be good for any events with large or small groups, up to 300 people:

⭐️Quinceanera / Sweet XV / Sweet XVI,

⭐️Birthday Party,

⭐️Graduation Party,

⭐️Talent Show,

⭐️Holiday Celebration,

⭐️Intellectual Game,

⭐️Baby Shower,


⭐️Red Carpet,

⭐️Wedding, etc.

✨️It’s a two level newly built luxury facility.

✨️ We have 2 different spacious ballrooms. The main one (ground floor) can be used for events up to 300 people. It goes all way up and gives lots of air and nice ample atmosphere.

There are 3 beautiful teardrop chandeliers (4 meters or about 13.12 feet long) and wall dimmable lights which make the ballroom look very elegant and luxurious. This ballroom is fully set with the best professional lighting equipment, disco ball, spot lights, neon lights etc.

✨️2nd floor ballroom can be used for smaller events for an amount of 10-30 people. Or can be used as an extra room in addition to 1st floor space. This ballroom is also having pro disco lights;

✨️An elevator;

✨️3 full restrooms: 2- downstairs, near the main ballroom, and 1- upstairs.

✨️We have beautiful lobby, decorated in a very elegant style with the combination of gold elements.

✨️ Both ballrooms are fully equipped with professional audio systems, which can be also connected with the DJ Stations.

✨️There is a 2nd floor balcony with the main ballroom view.

✨️Private parking lot.

✨️The building has 3 separate exit doors. There is a back door to a main ballroom in case any furniture, decorations or heavy equipment needed to be delivered. One separate door from the 2nd floor too.

✨️We do have rental extras as tables and chairs with covers, soft furniture, etc.

✨️A variety of extra professional services are available:

⭐️ Pro HairStyle & MakeUp Artistry for your Special Occasion;

⭐️ Dance Lessons Packages to build a choreo for your unforgettable performance;

⭐️ Pro Showcases;

⭐️ Variety of vendors, and many more.

☎️ Call us at 281-965-9623 to book a tour.

Email: [email protected]