Salsa Club

Salsa dancing is characterized by music, rhythm partner connection, creativity, and Salsa Shines!!!

But those are just a few of the basic elements that serve the foundation of such a passionate, exciting, and sizzling dance. If you have any interest in salsa dance at all, you will soon find yourself drawn to the irrepressible beats and rhythms of the music! This extremely popular dance has its roots in Latin American and the Caribbean and as it has traveled to North America it has picked up African influences on the way, both in the movements and in the rhythm of the music. Whether you’re an experienced dancer who’s looking to try something new, or you are a novice, salsa shines will thrill you and introduce you to a whole new method of moving.

Walk-Ins, Couples, Singles are Welcome at any time!!!

The best instructors in town are waiting for you every Wednesday at 7 PM

12 Replies to “Salsa Club”

  1. Hi

    I am interested in attending the Salsa class, but I would like to know following?

    1. Is this salsa on 2 or on 1?

    2. How much is the Salsa class and for how many classes?

    3. How long is the class?

    4. Do you meet only on Wednesdays at 7PM?

    5. Do you do any socials for practicing?

    6. What’s the name of the instructor?

    Thank you and have a great day….

    1. Dear Mariana!

      Thanks for choosing DWS Academy!
      Please join our Salsa class at any time. Pay try out fee of $25 which will be given back to you. So your first class will ended up free!
      Every Wednesday at 7pm

  2. Hi,

    I am interested to learn Salsa, please advice on timings for Class and Private lessons(Preferably Saturday) and Cost. Can I start with try out ?


    1. Dear Neeraj!

      Thanks for choosing Dance With Stars Academy!
      Salsa Group classes for beginners Adults are on Wednesdays: 7.00-7.45pm. You definitely more then welcome to come for a try out session at any Wednesday you like.
      As for private classes,- it’s always by appointment and can be scheduled at any convent time for you.
      Feel free to use our current Fall Specials deal. 25min Private introductory class one on one with instructor for $25 only. Can be eligible for a couple as well. All you need to get back with us with the time options you have. Email: or call: 281-646-1901 Monday-Friday 12pm-8pm.

      Best regards.
      DWS Team

  3. I am interested to learn salsa intermediate class, may i know you have group class starts at June 2017

    1. Dear Jane!
      Thanks for choosing DWS Academy!

      Yes, we are having Intermediate Salsa classes are every Wednesday: 7.00-7.45pm.
      You can join us at any time you are ready.

      Best regards.
      DWS Team

  4. I would like to know how much the salsa class is and is it an hour class?
    Can you start at any time ?

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