Break Dancing

Break Dancing a type of dancing in which a dancer performs very athletic movements that involve touching the ground with various parts of the body (such as the head or back)
Break dancing was a style of dancing that grew up around hip hop music during its early stages of development in the United States. ‘Break dancing’ stretched the human body to its limit.

The most basic breakdance moves are the 6-step and top rock. The rest of the dance is founded around these two elements. Dancers usually begin by top rocking, and then continue by going down to the floor and performing a 6-step or 4-step that may be heavily ‘teched’ (variated). The 6-step provides a base for other more complex moves to be formed, as well as power moves.

After performing a 6-step to begin the dance, and then performing a power move, the breakdancer will usually end the dance with a ‘freeze’ which is when he contorts his body to a strange position and literally freezes, stopping all dance motion. The breakdancer will usually hold the freeze for a second or two. There are nearly infinite variations on freezes, and coming up with new freezes greatly enhances the breakdancer’s style.

In this class, students will be introduced to the foundations of Break Dance, with particular attention to correct alignment, conditioning, musicality, terminology, and history of the dance.

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4 Replies to “Break Dancing”

  1. Hi, I am checking for my son who is 6 about the breakdancing class. He is in tumbling and wanted to try breakdancing. How much is the class and do you pay each week or each month?

    1. Hello Christine,

      Thanks for choosing Dance With Stars Academy!
      If you will sign your child with us you will be paying in the beginning of each month.
      There try out options for all newcomers. Please let us know when you would like to bring your child.
      Depending on the package you’ll choose your monthly payments will be between: $115-$130.

      Best regards
      DWS Team

    1. Dear Liseth!

      Thanks for choosing Dance With Stars Academy!
      You totally fine if you don’t know anything. You still can come. Please let us know when you are planning on being here and we will make sure there a spot for you.

      Best regards.

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