Rom Reiderman

PMD0446-prophoto-41-1Rom began his dance career at age 8. During this time he’s been studying with his main coaches: Cristiano Callegari and Katia Kuznetsova at DWS Academy.

Rom began to teach at Dance With Stars in 2011 and have already stated himself as very talented and dedicated teacher. He is working very hard with his young students to help them to discover and develop the joy of Ballroom & Latin dancing, to create freedom of movement and find out the enjoyment of rhythm.

Rom and his partner Anna are National 10 Dance Finalists 2008-2013.

  • Runners up of Ohio Star Ball 2013
  • Finalists of Amateur Nationals 2013 in Los Angeles
  • Winners of Open Latin Manhattan Amateur Classic Championships 2012 in New York
  • Winners of Open Latin Holiday Classic Championships 2011 in Las Vegas
  • Top 3 Latin Ohio Star Ball Finalists 2010
  • Top 5 Standard Ohio Star Ball Finalists 2010

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