Adult Latin & Ballroom Variety

Our Adult variety class is a GREAT way to get you to learn a variety of dances so that you can feel comfortable on the dance floor at all times! Our instructors will teach you Lead, Follow, Posture, Rotation, Footwork, and much, much more! You will learn a variety of dances such as Rumba, Cha Cha, Waltz, Swing, Samba and SO much MORE!!!

Salsa Club Class

We offer Salsa Club dance classes for students with all levels of experience. You will learn how to dance Salsa, Bachata, Merengue etc. You will sweat, find new friends and have fun!

This class is perfectly suited for students with or without prior salsa dance experience. You will learn to familiarize yourself with the music, dance the basic steps and learn simple combinations or more advanced steps to enjoy your solo (Salsa Shines) or with a partner (Turn Patterns). Combination of all will help you to style and incorporate body movement while dancing.

Salsa Club Class teaches Cuban-Latin movement, characterized by fluid and expressive motions and a dancer’s personal interpretation of the beat. It introduces students to the typical motions of Cuban and other Latin Folklore styles while providing historical and cultural context. The workshop is a great opportunity to build control over body movement, improve musical and improvisation skills, and to learn to apply this knowledge outside of the classroom and to other forms of dance.

Advanced Latin Technique

This class is designed to give you the EDGE you are looking for on the dance floor. You will learn styling, technique, and musicality from our highly recognized coaches. you will come out of the class with knowledge and ability like never before.

**This class is invitation only, you must have latin and ballroom dance experience**

Adult Hip Hop

You’re at the club or in a dance battle, your favorite song comes on but your so-called sick moves are a little lacking. Don’t worry, come to DWS Academy. Our class is filled with fun and excitement along with knowledge about Hip-Hop. We will teach you trending basic and advance movements to help you stand out on the dance floor.

 Adult Break Dance

In our class, the goal is to obtain self-knowledge thru the art of Breakdancing. You will learn how to tone your body while exercising and balancing. Learn cool dance moves & steps, one step at a time while sharing a piece of our subculture. You will learn the history and elements of the dance: